CCSE Student Award

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CCSE is proud to offer this award in memory of two remarkable people, Hobie Rhinehart and Laurie Urbanski. Mr. Rhinehart was one of the original founders of CCSE and was the long serving Treasurer on the Board of Directors. Mrs. Urbanski was the long time manager of the credit union going back to the very early days of the credit union’s history. Their values of community service and leadership along with their tremendous work ethic is what we hope to see in our applicants for this award.


Credit Union members that are graduating seniors within our field of membership (Cattaraugus County) and have been an outstanding volunteer in your school or community, we welcome you to submit this application for a chance to receive $1,200.

We ask that all applications be submitted to the Credit Union by Friday, June 10th 2022. Nominees are then reviewed by the Credit Union’s Board of Directors at our monthly meeting and winners will be selected at that time and notified shortly thereafter. Winners will be proudly displayed in credit union literature and social media.

Immediate family of CCSE Staff and Volunteers are not eligible