CCSE COVID-19 Response

CCSE Federal Credit Union is here for our members during this unprecedented time. The safety of our staff and members is our top priority. We have taken several measures to insure this as well as offering several programs to help those that have been affected by this pandemic.


All CCSE Federal Credit Union lobbies reopened Monday 6/15/2020.  We have made some changes that are designed to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are requiring that all our employees, members, and visitors wear masks when inside the building. There is also a limit of 4 members allowed in lobbies at one time. Our drive-thru services are available if you cannot wear a mask or prefer not to wear one. We can help you with all of your banking needs at the drive-thru so take advantage it! Our ATM’s at both locations now allow members that have debit cards to deposit cash and checks using the ATM! We also offer remote deposit capture to eligible members that sign up. If you need more information about ATM Deposits or Remote Deposit Capture email us at


You can apply for loans online or call our office during normal business hours to apply over the phone.  We can also mail you an application.  We can complete the entire loan process using secured email. Please call our Loan Department for more information.  We have also reduced our loan rates on all our loan products

Pandemic Recovery Loan

Borrow up to $5,000 for up to 36 months at a fixed rate of 3.13%. First payment due 90 days from date of loan. Offer good ‘til the end of 2020. Apply today!

30, 60, & 90 Day Notes

While waiting for unemployment to kick or for the upcoming stimulus payments to be distributed, CCSE does offer 30, 60, or 90 day note loans members can apply for.

Additional Lending Information

Talk to CCSE about Mortgage and Home Equity forbearance, suppressed credit bureau reporting, and student loan payment assistance.


CCSE has a Pandemic Preparedness Plan in place. We are prepared to operate the credit union with suspended Lobby Operations, if necessary, for an extended period of time.  We update our website regularly to keep the membership informed of any changes that may occur.  We also update our social media sites.  We have staff members that can work remotely if necessary.   We are using protective gloves to handle all money and Drive Thru tubes.  We are disinfecting our offices daily and weekly.  We sanitize our ATM machines twice daily.  We ask our members to use hand sanitizer before and after visiting our Drive Thru’s or ATM’s to help prevent the spread of infection.


CCSE has several remote services to connect to us at any time: 

  • ATM’s at both branch locations
  • Night Drops at both locations
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Online Loan applications
  • 24/7 Online banking access
  • Secured email loan closings
  • Secured operational document delivery
  • Staff email directory available online.  Staff direct phone line directory available online.
  • Co Op ATM Network (off site ATM’s) surcharge free to our members
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts to message our office. 

Members can always contact our offices during normal business hours at 716-945-5340 or by email at; you can also contact us through social media on Facebook. We will continue to stay on top of events as they unfold and will keep our membership updated.

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